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Thank you for your interest in Life Creations LLC.  Seeking professional guidance in order to enhance your life is a healthy decision.  We as humans don't have to struggle alone.  During this pandemic, I have found that connection and a sense of true relationship ARE possible through video sessions.

My passion is helping people to alleviate their past traumas.  A trauma is any experience that continues to create negative body sensations and emotions in the present.  Trauma can make you feel trapped; it can feel like you are being stalked by it; or that it is stuck inside of you and takes on a life of its own; and/or comes up at random beyond your control.  It is rewarding to see people get "unstuck" from trauma, now free to live a peaceful and more fulfilling life.  I offer three life-changing therapies, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), and BSP (Brainspotting).  These therapies help clients transform themselves from symptomatic to symptom-free, giving people a sense of peace, safety and the freedom to truly live life.  Therapy can also help by providing new insights, skills and techniques, as well as by assisting with uncovering the core reasons or barriers to your struggles.  I strive to provide a safe, caring and validating environment so that you will feel supported in doing this work and in achieving your goals.  You may have a good understanding of the areas you need to address in therapy, or maybe you have no idea where to start or what you need.  Wherever you may be in your journey, I am here to help guide you.  Together we will develop a plan that best serves your needs.

The therapeutic relationship is an important part of the process.  Feel free to contact me to see if I may be a good fit for you.