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Couple Therapy Session


"Andrea has a genuinely warm and compassionate personality.  You can tell she really does care and want to help.  She is an amazing listener and has great insight.  She helped me over come the trauma of my past and was there for me through that process.  I am very grateful that she was recommended to me.  She is a big reason I was able to move on with my life, believe in myself and truly love who I am." --S.B.

“Andrea Shellen is amazingly insightful, easy to talk to, and fun to work with, even through the really hard stuff. Somehow she makes it seem not so bad and helps it be manageable. She can be tough when needed but always has my best interest at heart. I have learned so much about myself working with her that it has advanced my recovery by leaps and bounds. I also appreciate how she affirms and supports me and is my biggest cheerleader. What a blessing she has been in my life!”--T.L.

"I reached out to Andrea when things in my life felt out of control and more than I could handle by myself.  She was very easy to talk to and has a warm, comfortable office setting.  I always came out of our meeting (sessions)?? feeling positive and was so glad that I went.  I would highly recommend Andrea as a therapist. "--G.N.

"Andrea is amazing! My life has completely changed.  She is personable, professional, and understanding. I can't imagine where I would be in my life and relationship without her help. I have more confidence and openness towards the feelings I have and the feelings of others.  I recommend Andrea to anyone in need of a helping hand and guidance."--R.E.

"When I walk into Andrea's office, I feel instantly at ease.  Not just because she has a setup of comfort in her decor, with sound machines, comfy couches, and candles, but in her complete acceptance of me."--B.C.

"We chose to do our premarital counseling with Andrea first because she was close to our house, but we stayed because we liked seeing her so much.  We completed our premarital requirements but then decided to keep coming to Andrea to work on a few issues.  I liked that she was genuine and caring and I could tell that she wanted to help our relationship be successful.  Andrea changed the attitude my husband had about therapists.  He was really nervous to see her the first time and she made him feel comfortable.   Andrea was fair to both parties and she listened to both sides of the story."--L.K.

"Andrea is very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable from our first meeting.  Every time we meet she helps me to be able to see my problems as stepping stones and no hindrances.  I always feel better when I have talked to Andrea."--M.F.

"I was having a lot of trouble with my anxiety at work, my job was in jeopardy because I couldn't handle the anxiety, and Andrea helped me learn to control my anxiety in our sessions (medication is also helping, but learning to look at things differently is what made the biggest difference).  With her help I was able to excel at my job."--A.E.